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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Rubber Stone made of?
    Rubber Stone is a combination of recycled tire rubber, high-quality synthetic EPDM rubber, and 100% solids polyurethane adhesives.
  • Will the freezing temperatures or thaw damage Rubber Stone?
    Not at all! Rubber Stone is flexible enough to endure even the harsh freeze-thaw cycles of northern Canada.
  • How long does Rubber Stone last?
    With proper maintenance, your Rubber Stone surface can last for 15 years or longer! Check out our maintenance page for details.
  • Will Rubber Stone stay shiny?
    No. Rubber Stone is shiny at application but the shine fades after a couple of months, leaving it with a satin finish.
  • Can I use Rubber Stone for my driveway?
    You bet! Driveways account for over 75% of Rubber Stone applications!
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